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Yes, during the launch try code 25 or 50 for upto 50% off

Yes, if the style of riding is the same; if not, make an order for each riding style

Yes, just take our report to them; a local fitter will always add their expertise

Yes, contact us, and we will tell you which local fitters we recommend

Yes, contact us with any query or issue (or add it to your order in our form)

If it’s a recent one, wait until you recover, if it is long term: we will work with you to find a solution

After purchase you will be redirected to a google form (try it now under “your measurements”)

Yes, we are happy to help; just let us know what you are considering buying

We work with professional fitters and compare data with hands-on machine fitting results to keep as accurate as possible

Price Guarantee

We are happy to refund if you are unhappy with your report

Future Refinements

We hope to launch a link to locally endorsed fitters soon

Proof of Concept

Out of 311 athletes who beta-tested BBF, 96% said they received a good fit or better


If you have any suggestions for biometric bikefit please let us know!

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